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How It Works

Applying online with Community Lending is quick & easy. All you have to do is answer a few simple question, give us some information about your credit history & we will give you an pre-approval so you can go shopping!

The Mortgage Process

1. Figure out what loan is right for you

  • Talk with qualified Mortgage Specialist and discuss your goals for homeownership
  • Determine your property type (Condo, Single Family, Townhome)
  • Map out your timeline (How soon would you like to move?)

2. Get Pre-Approved

  • Before you set off  to find your dream home, let us submit your information and application to provide you with a commitment letter or pre-approval letter that will strengthen your purchasing power!
  • Let’s talk about your employment history and income
  • Where have you lived, paid rent…etc.
  • Assets and Debts
  • How much do you want to  contribute towards your down payment and closing costs?
  • Collect all of your documents we’ll need to get your application processed
  • Analyze paperwork and credit report

3. Processing

  • Documents are sent to a loan processor for verification
  • Employment is verified
  • Appraisal ordered
  • Title searched

4. You’re Home!

  • All parties now meet with the closing agent to sign all mortgage related documents
  • The closing agent will discuss each page of the document and the details of what you are signing
  • Forms are notarized
  • Lender releases funds to seller
  • Welcome home!

Your Journey Starts Here.

Let Community Lending make the home buying process simple.
Start an application to get started.

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